Various Artists,DEPBLFHTHDIG, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp, 2019.

Various Artists, ‘toxiThropea.sunset’ (2019), in ‘Deadly Affairs’, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp, photo by Tomas Uyttendaele

toxiThropea is a series of works that poetically researches the tense and toxic relationship between Humans and Nature. After we rendered this planet unstable ecological mutations are manifest and may be an omen of greater changes to come our way.

toxiThropea imagines future scenes where our worlds resources are depleted and humans are few or nearly extinct. Depicting our environment beyond the end of its self healing capacity. While our role is reduced to retreat and witness the aesthetical simulations of our dying intoxicated habitat.

Reflecting our economic productivity the installations and works were laboriously produced using mainly fossil energy, resulting in dystopian and ethereal landscapes that expose our inability to maintain our only biosphere. 

The works are reminiscent of a time where chemical processes continuously change the state of nature, and where man is no longer involved. Its aesthetics conceal the fragility and the amount of energy these works require to be kept 'alive'. 

toxiThropea is part of Água com Gás that examines a number of water-related topics - such as the privatization of water supply, pollution, the depletion and salination of water sources, etc. This research results in a variety of concepts and creations that are generated by different Various Artists.