Support the Artist

A monument erected to support artists while you get rid of your excess coins.

Various Artists.NNDDWMAB, ‘Support the Artist’, (GOOG.ib), 2019

Various Artists.NNDDWMAB, ‘Support the Artist’, (GOOG.ib), 2019

On a 12.19-metre-high mound, we place a 40-foot (12.19 metres) sea container on its side. You climb the container via a metal spiral staircase. On the roof terrace you will find a miniature copy (1.22 metres) of the container with a slot in which you can donate a sum of money to support

the artists (X / F / M). The miniature container is bottomless, so your coins fall down the full 25.60 metres. The coins take about two and a half seconds to reach the bottom of the container, depending on how full it is.

estimated costs: € 380,000