Various Artists, would love to invite you to take part in "Studio 55".

During one working day, on and around a bus or tram route in Brussels, we would like to exchange thoughts with you about the future of the Brussels art organizations.

This will be an exercise in Boucalais, Buratinas and Various Artists.

How can you participate?


Let us know which tram or bus route you're interested in.
Let us know which period you're interested in.
- 1 October to 25 October 2012
- 1 December 2012 to 30 May 2013
Send your wishes to

 And we'll do the rest!

What can you expect?


You will be initiated in the future according to Various Artists.
You will be guided on and around your chosen bus or tram.
You will recieve one day's payment (as an artist).
You are invited to a restaurant / café to talk about the (im) possible future for Brussels artists and organizations.
You will receive a hardcover edition of "The Best of Studio 55".

There are only 20 places!

We hope to welcome you in our studio.

Various Artists




Studio 55

"We should try to be prepared to drift, to nomadize, to slip out of all nets, to never settle down, to live through many arts, to make our lives better than our art, to make art our boast rather than our excuse." Vernissage, Hakim Bey.

Brussels (MIVB/STIB) has 50 bus lines, 18 tram lines en 4 metro lines. During a two year period Various Artists will explore 20 public transportation lines and use them as guidance for discussion with Brussels and international artists, curators and generalists.

Various Artists wants to explore in an artistic way the need for a network of arts laboratories within the region. Because it is generally expected that with the next round of subsidies from the Flemish Community a significant number of Arts laboratories will have to disappear, or to redeploy within the Brussels art scene.

Various Artists wants to make use of this turning point to involve artists, curators and generalists in this shift of resources and actors. They are invited to spend a day with Various Artists to stay on and around a particular metro / tram / bus route.

We will work around the many concerns in this matter, some of the questions surfacing during the next 2 years (a period before and after the decisions on the grant allowances):


Does this evolution compromise the artistic freedom and diversity as we know it?
Will there be a centralised approach of the "experimental" arts?
How to respond to this? Should we pursue another independent practice?
Should we build networks outside the existing order?
Should we organise autonomous enclaves that are outside the influence of an evolving government?


"Boucalais" (2004 -2011), is a walking trail from Boulogne-sur-Mer to Dunkirk via Calais which Various Artists has travelled several times a year for seven years. The trail is a studio where a number of VA revise their work or where new work is created.

The creations are poetic expressions on the road, as it were, and which – given the mobile context – are necessarily on a small scale or ‘light’. 

The Boucalais project pays homage to the artist-collector who, in the course of his journey, assembles a collection of objects and observations, which will – sometimes literally – be dragged back to his studio as so many installations and ‘objets trouvés’. At the same time, the work is often intangible and only lives on in documentary form. Since, in the case of VA, the journey is largely equivalent to the studio, this collection of objects, routines and documentation is used as raw material/ oxygen/ basic component for (artistic) creation ‘en route’.



Studio 55 is made possible with the support of "de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie voor het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest".