2 pale pink bras by Marie-Jo, EU75, EU80

mixed media, Various Artists, 2016

mixed media, Various Artists, 2016

Jyväskylä - Liivi ja Sukkapiste

The main shopping street is filled with beauty shops and the usual chain stores. In a side street we enter a lingerie shop owned by Marjatta, who has watched the neighbourhood regress over the past two decades. As she refuses to move to another location, she is one of the last Mohicans,  holding the fort with a privately owned business in Jyväskylä. The city has not changed for the better. A lot of clients now prefer to shop at the international chain stores capable of offering cheaper but less durable bras and panties. She can keep afloat thanks to her client base of mostly middle-aged women who know where to find good and lasting lingerie. Nevertheless, part of the younger generation is finding its way to her shop, looking for better quality.

Marjatta used to sell a Finnish brand, Patrícia. Until 20 years ago the factory was located in Helsinki, but then moved east to lower production costs. Now she's into Belgian and French quality brands designed and manufactured in Europe. Above her counter hangs a diagram displaying the more than thirty parts necessary to build a bra. The diagram brings back childhood memories of the assembly drawings included with our model aeroplanes.

Various Artists bought two pale pink bras by Marie-Jo.

  • seuropa.ike (2 pale pink bras by Marie-Jo, EU75, EU80) 
  • seuropa.ik.re worked by innumerat
  • seuropa.ik.za worked by Aude Thensiau 
  • seuropa.ik.hey worked by Hélène Thensiau