Woollen blanket measuring 70 by 90 cm, handmade in Riga

wool, Various Artists, 2016

wool, Various Artists, 2016

In a small street in the old town of Riga, one shop stands out. There is a cosy atmosphere of autumn and winter. The place is filled with knitted woollen scarfs, socks, blankets, sweaters, etc. Sigita, a young woman, knits while she manages the shop. She explains to us that Hobbywool works with ten local knitters who work at home and sell their hand- and machine-made creations.

Hobbywool is a family business that has existed for seven years. The shop was started by Ieva Ozolins, who left her managing position at a large company to pursue her dream of transforming her hobby into her livelihood. Even her husband and children help with her career. In the end, friends like Sigita started to help out as well. 

The building used to be a church house, with downstairs the stables (the shop) and upstairs the living area for the priest. They initially used two rooms and a space next door that functioned as a coffee house. But due to the many bars and restaurants opening in the old town, the cafe wasn’t a success, so they closed it and expanded the shop with two more rooms.The city of Riga is changing rapidly. Hobbywool is one of the few artisan shops left in the old town. 

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