Grass-green felt cloche, made in Kozalin

felt, textile, Various Artists, 2016

felt, textile, Various Artists, 2016

Krystyna Lech

Modniarstwo, a small one-room women's hat shop owned by hatmaker Krystyna Lech, used to be located on the city’s main street, but is now tucked away around the corner of one of the side streets near the town hall. The family business has existed since 1957. 

Almost everything you see in this place has been designed and made by Krystyna and her colleagues. Some of her designs could easily compete with those of Florence Reichman or even of contemporary designers like Elvis Pompilio. Most are reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s, which were also times of crisis when the elegance of accessories soothed the hardships of everyday life.

Nowadays the young people of Kozsalin are not much into hats and scarfs anymore. They’ve forgotten that they used to be an indicator of personality. But Krystyna feels that the taste for fashion is slowly recovering, so she is keeping the faith in a Kozsalin à la mode.

According to Krystyna, hats are crucial to the well-dressed woman’s wardrobe and should always be worn with a scarf and a coat. No point in doubting how we should wear our hats! 

We found this well-hidden marvel with the help of Kuba Staniak, who is the organizer of music events at Kozsalin’s local cultural house.

Various Artists bought a grass-green felt cloche and a streamlined black felt hat.

  • seuropa.Da (grass-green felt cloche by Krystyna Lech)
  • worked by innumerat
  • worked by Morice de Lisle
  • seuropa.D.hey worked by Lima Drib
  • worked by Délia Sheehy