Kenda: black tire with a diameter of 30 cm

rubber tire, orange peel and glass, Various Artists, 2016

rubber tire, orange peel and glass, Various Artists, 2016

Mr Bogdan

Four years ago, in 2012, we passed through Szczecin for the European project Resilients. We were heading for Kozsalin, in the north of Poland, to embark on a bicycle trip in a straight line to the island of Rab in Croatia. The itinerary was inspired by the folds in a railroad map of Europe. Since we hadn’t brought any wheels, the idea was to buy them en route. That’s how we came across Mr Bogdan’s shop. At the time it was still filled with bicycles and accessories. Today Saudade de Europa has brought us back to Szczecin and so we decided to return to the place that supplied us four years ago.

Mr Bogdan opened his bicycle shop or Rowery in 1991. At the time he was one of the few in Szczecin. Today, according to him, there are a lot of cyclists in Poland. And thus competition in the bicycle business has increased drastically. 

At the end of this month, after 25 years Mr Bogdan is closing down his business. He wants to retire and has no family to continue his legacy in the city. Today the shop is almost empty. There are only a few children’s bicycles, wheels and tires left.

  • (black Kenda tire with a diameter of 30 cm)
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