In 2009 Cildo Meireles asked us if he could become a Various. Initially we decided to create an artist named Cido Meirellles, but realised that this would bring unnecessary complications to Meireles and VA. An anagram generator brought the solution, Maurice was also the second name of the father of Trudo Engels.

Morice de Lisle (°Kinshasa, Congo) is an artist who works mainly in the field of performance. By passively introducing physical concepts, de Lisle creates by means of instructions, their acceptance and refusal, an undercurrent for others to follow in their personal or joined efforts. His performances don’t reference any form, they are almost impossible to document through images. For this reason, de Lisle refuses to photograph his actions. A brief description and individual memory are his usual means of documenting. His rules are altering or limiting the work of others, definition and analysis becomes minimal. He challenges the split between acceptance and denial, and absorbs the tradition of nihilistic art into daily practice. He combines and repeats his own works with continuously various outcomes.
His most recent performances are being executed within his dreams. Through lucid dreaming, he practices simple actions that result in a crossover of two worlds usually well separated. Morice de Lisle currently lives and works in Mexico City.