Jokingly called by the others "the Spreadsheet Artist", she may be the backbone of Various Artists. Since the San Gimignano show she's also been addressed as "Mother".
Her first name could relate to Marcel Broodthaers, note that the period in her name stands before the "B" what technically means that the "B" is not an initial.

Marcella.B (° Arnhem, Netherlands) confronts us with a ‘corporate world’, a capitalist market system that feeds us with dubious information: information she visualises through her data graphics where language becomes image, associations and meanings collide. She questions the circumstances in which the information about products in the context of global food culture are advertised. By critically studying, organising and rearranging representations and communications by these companies, she produces so called data poetry that generates diverse perspectives. 
Marcella creates networks that are not designed or built, but grow as a part of a larger whole, she trusts that these processes will improve the health of the whole.
In partnership with Cindy Janssens (Small Prints) she introduces some new tools, working to create a social impact through her critical art works.
Marcella.B currently lives and works in Beirut.