Kunst & zwalm 2021 / Proposition 21

Kunst & Zwalm 2019

Various Artists present 21 artistic interventions for the next edition. The public is encouraged to vote for the favourite concept proposed for this future programme.

“We decided not to participate in Kunst & Zwalm, but to use this year’s festival to develop and present 21 proposals for Kunst & Zwalm 2021 to an audience. 

There will be six ‘election Sundays’ where the visitor will have the opportunity to give five preference votes. 

The boards can be recognized by their ‘Go Away Green - Disney’s Camouflage paint’ colours on the route. We call this colour the Corporate Culture Colours, i.e. colour system based on the principle of (collective) exclusion. Each panel is assigned one colour from a range of 21 colours, but is eventually painted in a mix of the other 20 colours, excluding its own original colour.

The votes are made with a thumbtack. The totality of all plates can be seen as a co-creation. The audience as a group is the creator of ‘the artwork’. The artistic choices of the creative process are fragmented and distributed to the public. 

In the exhibition we present the opposite of this idea. The gallery-worthy copies of the panels are presented as the work of Various Artists. We are fascinated by the contrast of the celebrity cult around the artist as a genius and its fragmentation and deconstruction.”

The Propositions

01: pickUpJesus

02: evalAuto

03: stringWGame

04: resWhale/Moby Dick

05: Geyser

06: Cour Jardin Jardin Cour

07: perpetualPilgrim

08: Mer Mecanique

09: Support the Artist

10: Station to Station

11: starMarilandica

12: treeTrade

13: Les Vignobles de Zwalm

14: guardaFarol

15: baragem

16: Ascension

17: luchtKwel/deltaSource

18: rainbowACADEMY

19: binaryCall

20: evil0live

21: fossilWedding