Appears around 2000 when VA had to promise never to use cyphers in his letters to a girlfriend and invented the language innumerat. Innumerat points to being innumerated. A few years later Roselare was mistakenly given by a curator using the birthplace (Roeselare) of WTE as a surname.

Innumerat Roselare (°1970, Du Bois, Pennsylvania, United States) 
At the end of last century Innumerat invented a conceptual language that questions the position of numerals in diverse layers of society. She investigates the discordant appearance of numbers in the context of contemporary culture in which artworks, songs, and recordings are produced. 
By studying sign processes, signification and communication, she uses references and ideas that are integrated into the process of the composition of the work. Time, value, measure, and simple count are all thoroughly translated into a seemingly simple but highly poetic speech.
She creates words that induce varying content. Associations and meanings clash. Dimension becomes song and quantity becomes lyrics. Her terminology is presented to other Various Artists for inclusion into their proper works,  the aim not to provide an absolute rule but to guide where measure and counting are important. The power of proportion and its emotional and spiritual resonance are always of great importance. Innumerat Roselare currently lives and works in Philadelphia.