Originally named Walker, changed into Freddy Grant after staying with an old Belgian woman in the Scottish highlands (2005), she showed us a walking stick her late husband made (see Various Artists: The Best of)  

Freddy Grant (°1952, Kilarrow, Scotland) is a walking artist. By questioning the concept of movement and memory, Grant finds that wandering reveals a deep-rooted comprehension to how memorisation plays a part in his art practice. 
The artist also considers walking as a metaphor for the ever-seeking man who experiences a continuous loss. His memory-walks isolate his movements and thoughts. By doing so, new memories are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between walk and thought. Grant's practice is at the very origin of Boucalais, a long term collaboration where several Various Artists are involved.
By applying a wide variety of personifications as a walker, he acts as the imaginary thinker/philosopher wandering along banks of memories. An artwork based on a transitory appearance, which is, by being folded out over time, much more intense.
Freddy Grant currently lives and works nomadic.