Faux Berger is a temporary alternative studio where Various Artists generates a collective string of actions, interventions, and visual work. This year VA starts Collection Faux Berger at Hotel Le Berger, and surroundings.

A twenty times 48 hours lockup in this former rendezvous hotel sets the limits to compose Faux Berger. Combined with a looped walk in a section of Ixelles, (Rue du Berger, Chaussée d'Ixelles, Rue Keyenveld, and Rue du Prince Royal) where VA intervenes along the way. 

VA explores the amorous, as well the architectural history of Hotel Le Berger. Most works are connected to these topics in different ways by diverse methods. Willy Depoortere for example creates photo collages of blackened darkrooms. Aude Thensiau, and Bernard Leroy on the other hand chose softness, fur, playfulness as links to this theme.