Formally active as Eraser, till in 2009, during a presentation by Aude Thensiau in Dubrovnic, we met an artist with a similar name, after questioning her for 2 hours, we asked her permission to use her name for a VA. 

Ana Omandichana (°1984, Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an artist who mainly works with drawings. 
Omandichana tries to create works in which the Art that has happened was erased, or hidden, and left us some clues to discover proof of creation, to decipher a narrative thread, the reason behind the work.  The drama unfolds removed, while nothing develops into many things to become the memory of an event undone by doing.
Destructive, and abrasive action towards archiving and memorising results in the examination of the viewers need for undeniable proof of meaning and the question whether cancelation of this proof negatestrue art.  Like Picasso, who said : "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."
Ana Omandichana currently lives and works in Podgorica.