Various artists is transforming "Eco Pass" into an artistic piece by Christl, and Martn Coppens. The piece has the same dimensions as the cheque, and consists of a collage cutting up four, and a half "Eco Pass".

Since 2012, artists working under a temporary contract in the performance arts (PC304) are entitled to receive "Eco Pass". This economic advantage - no taxes are payed for the cheques - serves to increase purchasing power of employed artists. 

We disagree with this measure of superficial economical aid for artists, when overall budgets for culture keep shrinking, and their legal situation remain uncertain. 

"Eco Pass" in this context are only palliatively drawing away the attention from a precarious reality of contemporary artists in our society.

You too can become the owner of a "Pass Eco Pass" by Christl, and Martn Coppens by sending four, and a half Eco Pass to: Various Artists p/a Nadine rue du Berger 30, 1050 Brussels.