Camino Welt is a reversed pilgrimage by Various Artists, a walk from Santiago de Compostela to Ostend following the coastlines of Southern Europe. The walk from South to North evolves into a search for commercialism and brings Various Artists in a state of constant temptation and contamination while collaborating, influencing and sometimes sabotaging each other into a frenzy of overproduction.

The project is set up as a mobile studio where one physical artist representing the 24 fictional artists of the collective walks the track while producing as much work on the road as humanly possible.

The walk will be spread over several years split into 40 chapters. (8): Die in Terror (Steel Grey, Olive Yellow and Golden Yellow), 30 March to 5 April: Gijón - Llanes

Chapter.erhey (24): Phantom (Cinnamon, Olive and Purple), 20 to 26 July: Concarneau - Audierne