Brenner Passions (4 Seasons) by Various Artists is a journey from Austria to Italy, a performance and a publication on the move. 4x14 train trips between Verona and Kufstein (Tyrol, Austria) in 4x7 days, where VA will gather information, and impressions through observation, and conversation, to process in different installations in train stations,  and hotel rooms.

The performance brings both a tribute to one of the last train routes in Europe where despite cost-benefit analysis we can still travel as described in numerous travelogues (Raymond Roussel, John Hillaby, Bruce Chatwin. David Thoreau, etc. ..). On the other hand VA will work on a reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet performed in different Hotel rooms in Verona.

Each season of Brenner Passions consists of 4 chapters: Impression d'Afrique, Brennermann, Boucalais-PB, and Romeo y Julieta.


i. Impressions d'Afrique

with: Ana Omandichana, Marcella.B ...

During the course of the 4  seasons of Brenner Passions, Various Artists will be reading and re-reading the work of Raymond Roussel. Starting with "Nouvelles Impressions d 'Afrique" from 1932, all the way back to "La Doublure" written in 1897. Roussel's work may be partly responsible for the originating of Various Artists's domain, and the knowledge of his work will be crucial for conducting the third coming of DaDa (DaDeus).


re. Brennermann

 with: Ana Omandichana, Lima Drib, Armin Turing, Innumerat, Martaque, Freddy Grant ...

This is the part where the constellation of Various Artists is favorable to join the trip, and to produce work along the road. A minimum of equipment is used, and there is room for evolution. A rule brought forward by Morice Delisle to minimize post -production time is at the core of this chapter.


za. Boucalais-BP

with: Willy Depoortere, Lima Drib, Cindy Janssens, Valereson, Martaque, Marcella.B ...

A classic that brings the comfort of the known path, and stitches several new entries. The creations are poetic expressions on the road, (hotel room) as it were, and which – given the mobile context – are necessarily on a small scale or ‘light’. 


hey. Romeo y Julietta

 with: Sufferice, Willy Depoortere, Lima Drib, Cindy Janssens, Valereson, Martaque, Ana Omandichana, Paulo Sudo, Diederick Dewaere, Hélène Thensiau, Bernard leroy, Armin Turing, Johannes Korstjens, 

Where VA uses a role play between two well known characters to accomplish a new story, within the given restrictions of the other 3 chapters.