Petite is Grand

North of Calais, under Dunkirk at the beachfront of Gravelines, a fortified medieval city in northern France, lay 2 villages named Grand Fort Phillipe, and Petit Fort Philippe. Following the coastline coming from Calais, you first get to the former, a small, poor, windy place with one pub, church, and a pizza place. A hundred meters further up north you see the latter, sister village at the other side of a muddy, tide driven canal connecting Gravelines with the Channel. No way to get across, walk the 6 km along the water towards the yacht club, and turn 180 to "Petit". The village is definitely "greener", with restaurants, a lighthouse, villas, a beach, a few hotels, whereas "Grand" counts not a single place to stay, is beach less apart from the countless pits dug by hunters  to lure passing ducks with plastic stand-ins on the pond, and hostages in a cage.
"Petit" is 3 times as grand as "Grand" is petite.

The region scores high on the checklist of shortcomings in France: squeezed between 2 industrial ports of Calais, and Dunkirk, cheap school buildings, way too many flower graphics, and sculptures, smells like bakery everywhere, and an upcoming interest for the fermette style. As far you can see: chemical plants, aluminium ... Still expanding. To make things worse, since 1982 Électricité de France decided to build a nuclear plant 1km up north.
I' m new here by Gil Scott-Heron
"No matter how far wrong you gone, you can always turn around"

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Restart our worlds.
21 June 2011


Paulo Sudo

Boucalais, (22,5). day i

It wasn't a history of winning but a question of chance. 
Before the war, Bart didn't want you to call first, bullying me and max, here and there, shit happens.
I was there this summer, it sounds almost second hand.
That's a good question posterboy, you see what happens with all the shiny things.
It was going well for the chestnut riding religious, sending the teams somewhere else.
He was registering at some point.
You have to do some of that, and let me make some room in the cockpit. Next time you can take the plane back.
If anything, I have to do something decent. 11 pairs of wheels ... just one little truck for one little wheel.
there was nothing wrong with the electricity, we tried to telephone with the extension cord coming through the door.  
Some Belgian Grand Prix every two years in France.
I will find it before tomorrow morning.
35 years, it's cracking me up, like a plumber in a tuxedo.
Interesting stuff, his nickname is evil the terrible. 
I wondered if we have to pay and then get out of here.
And I need one go, one hack, I think in broken C.